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I have a selection of paintings available for purchase in my store. All prices include postage & packing to UK mainland addresses. Please visit our store on a regular basis to see new works.


If you would like to commission a painting of a loved one, pet or favourite place, please email me with details. I am happy to paint from both a good photo (existing or taken by me) and subject.

Kennel to Studio

Kennel to Studio This building in our new garden will be transformed into my new studio beginning next week. I'm so excited, and, not a little impatient. It's been too long since I picked up a paintbrush. However, I've not been idle as I've been creatively thinking....

New Ventures

New Ventures I'm about to have a new studio built in the garden and have now got flyers printed ready to advertise my new venture of teaching art to beginners and intermediate enthusiasts. I've sold work in the gallery in Old Hunstanton and also have another...

Looking Back

Looking Back At this point in time, I'm in a new home in a new town and we're still fairly new into the New Year. Looking back, I came across my A level art exam piece. I achieved a grade A for this and having taken the exam early, that was a good result that I was...

Watch this Space

Whatch this Space! As we are moving house, there will be a change to my paintings until I get my studio. I'll be creating more pen and wash paintings and/or watercolour as I'll be working in such a small space. I've also been approached by the Royal Norfolk Show...

Whymondham Art

Whymondham Art I have just returned from Wymondham where I've set up for the fortnight's exhibition - my last for this year. I've framed some box canvases as you may notice and I'm quite pleased with my alloted space!