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Exhibition and Cancer!

Exhibition & cancer! I have been very proud to put my name to the recent exhibition in a Gallery/Tea Room in Acle - the proceeds of which went to such a good cause. I have a new part-time job, and primary breast cancer to deal with too, so things are getting busy. I...

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Metallic Birch

Metallic Birch I painted this tree in metallic acrylic paint because I really wanted to have fun. I enjoyed doing this and gave it away as a gift. However, very sadly, the tree - which I could see from my garden studio - and which I used as a reference, has now been...

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Unfinished Although I've hung paintings whilst still wet in an exhibition, never until now have I hung one that I've considered unfinished! Yesterday, I realised that I actually didn't have enough paintings without adding the 'wet Norwich street' - top left - which I...

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Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets I thought I'd let you into my trade secret this week, of how I tackle skies in oils.I squirt my colour onto a prepared canvas - usually painted in yellow ochre acrylic - then scrub it all in to make the sky. Simple, and I love doing it this way as...

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Happy Customer

Happy Customer I'm so glad that my customer loved the painting I did of her beloved doggie Sonny. From a photo, I painted Sonny in oils on paper which meant having to frame it behind glass. Each time I paint an animal, especially somebody's pet, I find myself smiling....

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Wet Paint

Wet Paint Currently, two of the four paintings in an exhibition in King's Lynn have been sold, including the second painting of my Marsh Boat. I had only just completed this painting and some of the yellow paint was still wet when it was hung! I really hope it's dried...

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