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Wet Norwich Street

Wet Norwich Street I've now finished my Wet Norwich Street to my satisfaction, though I can't remember where it is exactly. It was taken as a reference from the photographer who gave me permission to do do. You have to be so careful about the references you use and...

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Stormy Shallows

Stormy Shallows Before leaving home for three weeks' radiotherapy treatment, I managed to complete my Stormy Shallows in oil. It was inspired by a photo during a storm we had last year in Hunstanton.

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New Me…New Work coming!

New Me..New Work coming! This is the ad for my first confirmed exhibition this year. Planning new work, since cancer fight began and I'm winning....however, the boats keep selling so I'll painting Marsh Boat III very soon now. ACME. Art & Craft Market & Exhibition is...

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Exhibition and Cancer!

Exhibition & cancer! I have been very proud to put my name to the recent exhibition in a Gallery/Tea Room in Acle - the proceeds of which went to such a good cause. I have a new part-time job, and primary breast cancer to deal with too, so things are getting busy. I...

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Metallic Birch

Metallic Birch I painted this tree in metallic acrylic paint because I really wanted to have fun. I enjoyed doing this and gave it away as a gift. However, very sadly, the tree - which I could see from my garden studio - and which I used as a reference, has now been...

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Unfinished Although I've hung paintings whilst still wet in an exhibition, never until now have I hung one that I've considered unfinished! Yesterday, I realised that I actually didn't have enough paintings without adding the 'wet Norwich street' - top left - which I...

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