Chrissy's Artwork Commissions

Commission a painting of a loved one, pet or favourite place!


If you would like to commission a painting of a loved one, pet or favourite place, please email me with details. I am happy to paint from both a good photo (existing or taken by me) and subject.


The choice of medium and support would be yours, unless you wanted me to choose for you. For example, I would usually paint a portrait of people or pets in oils or pastel on canvas or paper, but if you wanted acrylic or watercolour then that is an option.


A 25% deposit is required once a commission has been accepted with balance to be received on delivery of artwork.


Work will differ in price and therefore each commission will be individually priced before both sides agree. There will be no obligation on either side until the deposit has been received.

I will be able to give you an indication of cost once I know

  • what medium of paint and support you want
  • what size painting you want
  • type, if any, of frame